100 Main Street – Luttrell, TN 37779

Current Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations are subject to change by direction of the Board without Notice.

Notice: Failure to receive Bill does not relieve consumer of Payment and Penalty.  If you have not received a bill by the end of the month you should contact our off at 865-992-8611 for your billing information.

Returned Checks: All returned checks have a charge of $ 30.00.  Returned checks shall be made up in cash or money order only.  If the check is not made up promptly your services may be disconnected.

 Leak Adjustments: LBC no longer adjust water bills for leaks.  An insurance policy through ServLine is available for $ 1.85 per month.  This policy pays up to $1,000 for a leak occurrence one time per 12 month period.  LBC may adjust the sewer amount for a leak that did not go into the sewer system.  LBC does not control the sewer rates for the City of Luttrell or the City of Blaine.

 Multiple Connections: Multiple connections are discouraged.  However, if they do occur each apartment, trailer, house, etc. will be assessed a minimum bill plus the water usage.  Example:  2 residences on 1 meter would receive 2 minimum bills plus any additional water charge over the 2,000 gallon minimum.

Service Charge to Open Account $75.00.   Non-Refundable 

Customer Responsibility:  The customer shall install their own cut-off valve in front of the meter.  A pressure reducer valve must also be installed.  Both of these items are the customer’s responsibility.

Meter Damages (by Customer): Actual Replacement cost plus $25.00 service fee. 

Meter Cut Off Replacement: Any meter requiring a meter cut off replacement valve due to customer’s action(s) will be assessed a $100.00 fee, for normal hours, $200.00 after hours.  The meter cut off is installed for district maintenance only. 

Removal of Locking Device: $50.00 charge plus possible criminal charges. 

Meter Accuracy Checks: Accuracy testing may be preformed for a $20.00 service charge. 

Pressure Checks: A service charge of $20.00 May be imposed if checks are performed and no malfunction of district equipment is found.

Disconnection of Service: BILLS NOT PAID IN FULL BY THE 20TH OF EACH MONTH MAY  BE DISCONNECTED WITHOUT NOTICE. The cutoff date for non-payment will be on the front of the bill.   WE DO NOT SEND A NOTICE PRIOR TO CUT-OFF FOR NON-PAYMENT.

No Final Notice Will Be Sent.  Should your water service be disconnected for non-payment the total bill, plus a $25.00 service charge must be paid before the service is restored.  LBC may not be able to restore your water service after regular business hours.  If LBC does restore your service after normal business hours a charge of $ 50.00 will be required. LBC shall not restore service cut off for non-payment after 8:00 PM.

Note: A $1.30 per year fee will be added to a monthly Bill (generally in August) to pay for the State Maintenance per customer fee charged by the State of Tennessee.  (Subject to change by the State) 

Cross Connections: Cross connections are strictly forbidden.  All new meter connections made shall be inspected to assure no cross connection to any other water source exist.  An 18” air gap is required between any other water source and the public water supply line. 

Sprinkler Systems: At this time LBC cannot guarantee a continuous flow at a sufficient pressure to operate a sprinkler system.  Therefore, no charges will be assessed should an owner install such system. 

Line Extensions: The LBC Utility District and the Department of Health and Environment must approve all line extensions.  LBC will pay $1,000 per customer towards the cost of the line extension, with a maximum assistance of 50% of the cost of the line extension

Developer’s Agreement:  A Developer’s Agreement must be signed and acted on before any Development is approved for construction. The Developer is responsible for all charges associated with the installation of water improvements to the proposed development.