How Do I Read My Water Meter

Your water meter is an electronic device that we can read from our computer.  We do not have to get out and manually read the meter. We simply Drive by the meter to obtain the reading.  Some of our meters have data logging capabilities.  These meters log your usage every hour of the day so we can extract that information so we can see the history or your water usage.

The meter has a sweep hand that goes from 0 to 10.  Each increment is 1 gallon of water.  There is also a “snowflake” on the meter.  When water is going through the meter this “snowflake” turns.  To check for a leak watch the “snowflake” with all of your water going to your residence shut off.  If the “snowflake” is turning you have a leak.

We read the meters from the left side to the right side.  The right side has a painted on Zero (0).  So a reading of 123 would mean 1,230 gallons has been registered through the meter.

  Picture of Water Meter                 Data Logging Meter