Since beginning its operations in 1964 the District has grown from only 20 customers to approximately 3,500 customers. The district constructed a second water treatment facility, located on Tazewell Pike, in 1997. This plant was upgraded to utilize Zenon Membrane technology in 2007 improving its operation and quality control. In 2008 the district’ water supplies began to be impacted by drought conditions. The district immediately implemented plans to construct a new water treatment facility on a major water source to insure its present and future customers an adequate water supply. In 2010 construction began for a new water treatment facility located on the Holston River in Grainger County. The plant began operations in March 2012. This plant employs the latest in membrane technology again insuring a safe water supply for its customers. This new facility was constructed by utilizing the staff of the district saving over $1,000,000 in construction cost for its customers.

The district presently has over 210 miles of distribution lines, 14 booster pumping stations and three water treatment facilities. The district began installing a “drive by” meter reading system in 1997 allowing them to eliminate many meter reading errors and reducing its operating cost.

In the past 16 years the State of Tennessee has conducted six Sanitary Surveys on the District reviewing its operations and facilities. The District received a four perfect 100’s and three 99’s and one 98 during these surveys. In 2011 and 2018 the District won the Region 3 Best Tasting Water Contest. Also, in 2011 the Tennessee Association of Utility Districts presented our General Manager, Jimmy Langley, the H.B. Rosson Award for Financial and Operational Excellence. LBC Utility District is dedicated to providing a safe water supply and reliable service to its customers.


Luttrell-Blaine-Corryton Utility District Staff

Denny Bates

Commissioner President

Woody Roach

Commissioner Secretary

Jack Huddleston

Commissioner Treasurer

Jimmy Langley

General Manager

Debbie Munsey

Office Manager

Chelsea Wyrick

Office Assistant

Zach Roach

Water Plant Operations (Chief Operator)

Justin Morgan

Water Plant Operations/Distribution

David Sotallaro

Water Plant Operations/Distribution

Jesse Burns

Meter Reader/Customer Service

Kelton Locke

Water Plant Operations/Distribution

Thomas Powell

Distribution/Customer Service

Elmer Munsey


Randall Graves