Welcome to the Luttrell Blaine Corryton Utility District Web Site.

Since news of the outbreak of the COVID-19 we have been monitoring the situation.  The EPA and CDC has stated the virus is not transferred through a water supply as we use filters and chlorine to disenfect our water.  While we cannot test the water directly for COVID-19 we do test out water daily.  Our Staff at LBC is dedicated to providing reliable service and a safe water supply to our customers.

We have also taken precautions to protect our staff and customers.  We have closed our Office Lobby and are only doing business through our drive-thru system.  We would encourage everyone to pay on line at www.lbcud.com or by mail.

We understand these are difficult times and we again want to assure you we are monitoring this situation by the minute.  Should you have questions just give us a call and we will try our best to provide you with answers.

Our web site includes information on our district and operations, including payment information and our recent Consumer Confidence Report for 2019.

You can also view information about your bill and how to read your water meter.

Please be advised that LBC does not provide sewer service.  LBC only provides billing and collection service for the City of Luttrell and the City of Blaine.

The rates and charges for sewer service are set by these cities Board of Alderpersons.